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Paulo Morosov
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Living as a usual video-game, anime & series fan...
Actually, there's stuff to ask about me...
I tend to be really loud when speaking, I cuss a lot... Even that it doesn't looks that way... But overall, I tend to protect my friends with valiance and courage... Because my friends mean a lot to me... However, I've been full of problems lately... I always am with the problem of saying what I shouldn't say... I say what I tought about it... And I usually fuck up a lot of my friendships due to it... But I think I am a nice guy... All I ask is a chance to prove it...



Things I'll never change my mind over:

1 - Atheism is a way to avoid responsability.
2 - I'll try my hardest to accept your differences.
3 - Don't make jokes when I am already pissed off.
4 - If you mock the religion, be sure that you'll not have my respect, no matter who you are.
5 - I have a whole reason to believe in god. If you wish to know more, e-mail me. << A good song. c:

My actual hometown is São Paulo.

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rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony by AddMedia


A new Chapter on Max's Story is out x3

Go read it, Chaps and Chappetes :b
A Guard's Tale - Chapter II - The Riskbreaker

The new pony awoke on the middle of the night, nightmares weren't the thoughts bothering his mind. He was thinking about the past and how he managed to get in the castle as a private guard for the King and his daughters.

He grew on the streets, had to learn how to handle things by himself. By his 14th birthday, he enlisted in the army of Canterlot. Though young, all he had to say to the commander in charge, was one thing: "I've got nothing to lose and I could do better if I was here, I believe." Allowed to live in the army, MaxtWolf surpassed many of the cadets in 4 years of training. He developed his cutiemark, a symbol of balance.

He was thinking now thinking of what to do, now that he awoke on the middle of the night, Walking down the castle's regal corridors until he reached the throne room. Looking at the king's seat, MaxtWolf observed the magnificence of it, and how much important the king is to the people. Never once in Equestria's story there ever was a mutiny or rebellions, and this king is the prove of it.

MaxtWolf was so deep in paying attention to the king's throne that he didn't saw that he was approached by two shadows of the night, who were aiming a scheme togheter.

"I don't know, sis. He seems pretty harmless." Luna looked to Celestia from the western pillar.

"I don't trust that... My dad gave him the title of Riskbreaker... Something must be terribly off about him." Celestia spoke back as they inched another set of pillars.

MaxtWolf turned around and walked forward until he was off the stairs of the throne, sitting in a way to block the acess to the throne, all the while, both the sisters hid impeccably from the new pony.

"What is a Riskbreaker, anyways? I thought there were only guards around..." Luna asked Celestia from across the room with telepathy.

"A Riskbreaker is a special pony... I don't have a clue how they are made or born... I'm not even sure he's normal..." Celestia answered back with her telepathy as well.

MaxtWolf closed his eyes and started focusing on his magic as to make a protective shell around him, his magic shone in a red light, different from many seen and tested ways of magic.

"Well, that's one thing you don't see every day..." Luna spoke, both 2 pillars away from him.

"What is he doing?" Celestia wondered as she narrowed her eyes.

MaxtWolf finally took notice of both the mares in the room. Having focused the spell to protect his body, he slowed his other senses, but after finally processing the spell, he managed to feel the sisters' presence as he opened his eyes.

"Why are you both being so sneaky like that? It's... Really uncomfortable." MaxtWolf spouted from the middle of the room.

Celestia and Luna both jumped slightly from the sudden warning from the pony as they tried their best to sound natural when making their approach. Both ponies wearing their night dresses.

"I heard some noise and wanted to check out." Celestia blurted out in a bit of shyness.

"I did the s-same." Luna also replied as she looked up.

"Well... I didn't expect that you both went to check rooms togheter and so quietly like that. That's funny." MaxtWolf opened a big smile as he finished his spell.

Celestia sighed and looked to Luna as she nodded her head. Both sisters seeing no option other than questioning the pony.

"We see that you're going to be with us for now..." Celestia spoke.

"You're a Riskbreaker an that got us thinking." Luna replied.

"Oh, me?" MaxtWolf smirked as he stood up. "Yeah, I've been called a Riskbreaker... Why?" He shrugged as looked to the sisters.

Celestia was a bit confused by the pony's rather casual presentation towards both sisters, who were daughters of the king.

"You KNOW who we are, right?" Celestia raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, you're going to raise the sun one day and be as beautiful as the sun goes when it is high in the sky!" MaxtWolf twirled around while making gestures about the sun and beauty. "And this fine lady here is going to raise the moon as well and make many ponies love each other through the night!" MaxtWolf smiled and batted his eyes in a romantic way to Celestia.

Celestia was caught a little out of guard by all of the talk of MaxtWolf, she couldn't help but chortle and blush, however, both sisters blushed at his suggestion of Luna's job and what it would bring.

"Ahem" Luna spoke. "I do believe I'll do that one day... But... Hmm... I rather not discuss a pony's life." She stated, seeming angry.

"So, I believe I owe you a thousand pardons." MaxtWolf looked to Luna, apologizing sincerely.

"That still gets us thinking about you, Riskbreaker." Celestia lanced the question at MaxtWolf.

MaxtWolf saw that both ponies were trying to push him into a corner. Seeing that it was his obligation that both ponies stay as happy as he could make them, he soon started talking.

"Fine... Ask to me what you want." MaxtWolf sat down in the stairs to the throne.

"How did you got this job?" Luna questioned.

"Well... I was the best out of all Platoons, winning in all army combat maneuvers and techniques... So they threw me into a special test, which was called the Riskbreaker test, where I was induced to many painful magical tests and yardas yardas like that. I survived and BAM! Here I am." MaxtWolf smiled, his red eyes shining through the darkness.

"I... See..." Celestia replied as she looked down, then to MaxtWolf. "Your job will be guarding over us?"

"Not only THAT. But I will also be a soldier and take care of things in the castle where needed." MaxtWolf replied with a gentle smile.

"A soldier, hmm?" Luna smiled and stood up. "I wonder how much did you train?"

"Luna, what are you thinking?!" Celestia stood up to look at her sister.

"Oh, nothing, I just want to see how much can he take." Luna smirked with Glee. "Would you accept a duel, Riskbreaker?"

"You're kinda different..." MaxtWolf stood up. "But I'll agree." MaxtWolf kicked his back hooves togheter.

"WAIT!" Celestia spoke as she stood between the two.

The silence returned to the throne room as MaxtWolf and Luna looked attentiously to Celestia.

"If you both start a magic duel here without any kind of witness, this can end pretty poorly! We need to do this another time!" Celestia pointed the facts.

"I agree with your sister, Luna. Sadly, we are marked for the duel now." MaxtWolf backed up.

"Heh, I hate to say, I am now expecting a duel with you. It'll be fun." Luna smiled as she looked to Celestia. "Sorry, sister, I think I'm gonna go sleep a little, my royal hooves are tired." She gave out a yawn and left the room.

With the throne room back to its usual silence, MaxtWolf stood there, wondering what he could do to defeat Luna. He did not lie about being selected to a few tests of magic who were really painful.

"I... Sorry for my sister." Celestia spoke as she turned to MaxtWolf. "I didn't really thought she'd go all Soldier on me like that."

"Meh, I got used to it in Military training, your higness" MaxtWolf smirked as he looked back to Celestia.

"Oh, please, I think Celestia will do." She smiled to him.

"Uhm, ok Celestia." MaxtWolf smiled as he looked up. "My name is MaxtWolf, by the way."

"MaxtWolf? Think I'll call you Max." Celestia tilted her head to the side in a bit of confusion. "Oh... Well, I suppose I can give you a hint. My sister usually leaves her left side unprotected, use that to your advantage." Celestia smirked with her betrayal.

"Didn't knew royal sisters were like that." MaxtWolf smirked as turned around.

"You don't know the rest of it." Celestia smiled as she walked off to her room.

A Guard's Tale - Chapter II
So, continuing!! :meow:

A story of a soldier who's going to get into a whole lot of malenk horroshow stories. :b

A Guard's Tale I - Arrival

Luna caressed the back of her head as Celestia finally arrived for the tea of the sunset. The young sister filled her mug with delicious chamomile tea and lifted it with her magic as she then started her talk with Celestia:

"I can't shake the fear that dad's hiding something up his sleeve." Luna replied as she drank a portion of tea.

Celestia looked to Luna as she did the same with her own mug of tea, however, pouring a mix of red and black tea, something of her own liking. As Luna took a sip, she replied her words:

"Well, with all the mischief we caused on the castle, I'm not surprised he'd put some platoon of guards on us or something like that..." Celestia smirked as she sipped on her tea.

"Kinda like when we said a Timberwolf pack was heading to that new city in development just to cause some disarray?" Luna chuckled in a bit of glee.

"Yeah." Replied Celestia with a smile. "Or when we changed the hot water to cold on the soldier showers." Celestia laughed a bit.

"Eh... Good times as sisters..." Luna sighed with a reflective smile. "Though the thing is this, I saw dad having a conversation with StarSwirl and that worries me." Luna gazed at Celestia's eyes.

"Whenever he speaks to that mage, it's always about us... It Worries me quite a lot..." Celestia stared at the floor, her thoughts gathering to their mother, who had passed away.

"Hey, dad's not going to die, sis. He's strong as a brick wall." Luna smiled at Celestia.

"Yeah... We should talk to him to see what's the matter with us." Celestia stood up.

Luna agreed as both sisters walked to the Throne room. Their minds in a mix of antecipation and fear, as Celestia opened the door, she saw her dad, King Solaris, attending to one pony in the center of the room.

"So, you do understand your duty as a RiskBreaker?" Solaris spoke to the pony, who was behind a pillar.

"I agree, my king." A soft voice came out of the pony who was behind the pillar.

"Then it shall be." Solaris smiled as he turned his head to the door. "Ah, my daughters, come forth, please." He smiled from the throne.

"Ah... O-Ok." Celestia spoke, trying to think where she heard that word before.

"RiskBreaker..." Luna mumbled to herself as she walked forward.

Once both sisters were by each side of their father, they saw the pony who was speaking directly to their father, a pony wearing no sort of armor, no sort of power seemed to come from his image, his eyes red as crimson fire, his hair black and red as a nightmare, his coat in a tone of a gentle mix of grey and blue. His image seemed to haunt and keep both sisters calm at the same time, wich surprised them.

"Celestia? Luna? I want you to meet your personal bodyguard and RiskBreaker of Equestria. MaxtWolf Doldrey." King Solaris pointed at the pony in front of them.

"It will be an honour, princesses." MaxtWolf bowed with a simple gesture, seeming awfully like a peasant.

"I uh... D-Dad..." Celestia looked to Solaris, confused with the whole situation, but haunted by MaxtWolf.

"Oh, Dad, sorry but we didn't really ask for this." Luna stated the obvious, showing her anger with the situation.

"Oh, don't fight with your father, young one! I know very well of your fiddlings with the castle!" The King smirked and laughed loudly.

On the distance however, MaxtWolf observed the family feud and softly smiled.

"Well, this ought to be very, very interesting." He smiled, noticing that Celestia kept his eyes focused on him.

A Guard's Tale - Chapter I
So This shall be the fic of MaxtWolf, no more bullshit :b

Hope you all like it. x3

There will be more, just to say!

A new Chapter on Max's Story is out x3

Go read it, Chaps and Chappetes :b


NSFW Request
Well, as the title suggests, it is a NSFW request of your own requirement...

You are free to ask the picture, but be clear that I don't do crazy fetishes or anything like that, okay?
SKETCH ART (No Color and No Shade)
I like you~ - To Kirsche-Nyu by MaxtWolf
Alicra and Dored - Newcomers (Dekra234's Prize) by MaxtWolf
MaxtWolf and Colt in Army Of Two   Sketched by MaxtWolf
Simple as that, name what you want sketched, any character you want. :3
(Up to a maximum of 4 characters in the picture.)
CHARACTER (Shaded & Colored)
Request (AnotherBrony) - Plushie Affection :3 by MaxtWolf
Request for XvSpitfirevX by MaxtWolf
Request (By TwiceDeadd) - Dusk Wrath Headshot by MaxtWolf
It can be still shots, face shots, any kind of picture you want, however, there will be no backgrounds with the character you want drawn.

All I request is a pic of your creation for an idea of how the character is, then I shall get straight to work, it should be done in a week or two.

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